It’s full of Larps – Berlin 10/19 [English Version]

it’s full of LARPs is a mini-festival that takes place from October 10th to 13th, 2019 at the guest house of the youth center “Pumpe” in Berlin – and you are cordially invited! It’s our third ifoL in Berlin – among more than 10 ifoLs that have taken place since 2015.

Mini LARPs are short, but nonetheless intense, surprising, artistic, emotional, hilariously funny, experimental or fear-inducing experiences and ifoL is a self-organized event on which we celebrate the whole spectrum of those experiences.

We have summarized all information regarding the event, sign-ups and how to get there in a handy WTF below. You can sign up directly on the sign up page. The event on facebook can be found here. We’re looking forward to seeing you there! It will be awesome! Tobi and Thomas

What is an ifoL?

ifoL is an acronym for “it’s full of LARPs” and it’s a community-organized, co-creative, games-only miniLARP festival. At an ifoL, LARPers come together to play short and intense miniLARPs. ifoLs are:

  • Community-organized: There is no divide between organizers and participants. What happens at the ifoL is decided by the people at the ifoL. The initiators only take care of organizing everything that needs to be done before the ifoL can take place.
  • Co-creative: There is no divide between larpwrights and players. Everyone is invited to bring a game or the idea for a game. Everyone gets the space he needs to share their idea.
  • Games-only: We don’t do workshops, talks or panels.

It’s all explained in the ifoL manifesto. There have been a number of ifoLs all over Germany, and this is the third ifoL in Berlin.

I do not speak German, can I join?

Yes! While most attendees at previous ifols have been German, we would love to play with international people. Many game materials we use are written in English and we encourage game masters to make every game playable in English. In short: We love you, come join, it will be great!

Where and when?

ifoL Berlin will take place from October 10th to 13th, 2017, at the youth guest house Pumpe in Berlin. We will be on location starting Thursday, 3pm. On Thursday evening, we will host an ‘opening game’.

What is a mini LARP?

MiniLARPS are role playing scenarios without an audience, where all actions are acted out. Typically, this type of scenario needs neither requisites nor costumes and takes between two and four hours to play. There’s a ton of different concepts, genres and scenarios, which are also known as psychological dramas, chamber games, freeform or oder jeep-Form. They are used in seminars and coaching sessions, in education or are played just for fun. [Source:]

I do not want to write my own miniLarp. Where can I find miniLarps that I can offer?

If you want to offer a game or are not sure yet, just send us a short message . We usually have some games that we’d like to see played and love it if someone volunteers to GM them. On the web, there are a number of sources. We recommend the following pages:

What does the event cost and what do I get for my money?

The participation fee is 135€. The slightly higher price – compared to the past two years – is necessary because of the extra night and the slightly more expensive location. For people who cannot afford the full price, we offer a limited amount of tickets for a reduced price of 75€. The amount of reduced tickets we can offer depends on the amount of people who sign up for the full price tickets. We booked the youth guest house Pumpe for the ifoL. The youth culture center Pumpe is situated in a historic brick building of a former water residue pump in the heart of Berlin Mitte. The guest house offers housing in 4-, 6- and maybe 8-bed rooms (also see the room plan). We can use a big seminar room as well as some other, smaller rooms for playrooms. Just like in the last few years, we will also play in sleeping rooms that are specifically dedicated for playing. We will cook and eat together. We will buy enough food to please various palates and will provide snacks and non-alcoholic beverages. The guest house will be cleaned for us after we leave. After 10pm, we have to reduce outside noise.

I’m not of age yet, may I still come?

Adolescents aged 16 or older may take place if they have a written permission of their parents. Children and adolescents who are younger than 16 may only take part if they are accompanied by a person of age. If this accompanying person does not belong to the adolescent’s family, they have to be at lest 21 years old and also need to provide a written permission written by the adolescent’s parents. NO under-age person may drink alcoholic beverages under any circumstances.

I need special materials for my game, can you get it?

We will have simple seminar materials on site. If you need printouts or specific props for your game, you have to bring them yourself. Please contact us if you have a transport problem – we might be able to help you.

Where does the event take place and how do I get there?
  • By car: The guest house is in the yard of the “Pumpe” ( Lützowstraße 42, 10785 Berlin ). However, there is no parking on location and parking on the street is subject to a fee.
  • By Bus & Train: The guest house is in the yard of the “Pumpe” ( Lützowstraße 42, 10785 Berlin ). It’s easy to reach by public transport, for example by using the bus M85 or M100 from Berlin main station to Lützowstr./Potsdamer Str., followed by a 7 minutes walk.
  • With the space ship: Wow! Awesome! Please make sure the engine of your space ship is environmentally friendly! This is Berlin!!!
What do I have to bring?
  • Your personal luggage
  • Bed linen (for pillows and blankets)
  • A towel (beware of the Vogons!)
  • All you need for the game you want to offer

You do not need a costume, no buffer weapons, and no NERF ammunition. Of course, you can bring it with you – but it would be more important to wear comfortable, durable clothing and some accessories. One to five stupid hats, for example, never hurt. But are really optional. If you have an other great or weird stuff you want to bring (e.g. board games, musical instruments or juggling balls), please bring them! There’s always space at the ifoL to do things for your own (or other people’s) amusement.

WhoTF is running this?

ifoL, Berlin edition is organized by Thomas Christophel and Tobias Mühlau, in cooperation with the Waldritter Berlin. You can contact us at