IFOL OST 09/23

In the left corner — a new fighter approaches! The IFOL Ost 2023 is coming to town!

The IFOL (it’s Full of Larps) is an open, participatory event in which we play games together. Every participant should contribute something to the event. Usually that’s a game, but you can also help out more in the kitchen, while cleaning up or with other organizational tasks.

You can prepare and bring a game – your own, or somebody else’s – but there will also be other ways to support the event, like cooking food or bringing other game materials.
The event follows the IFOL manifesto (http://ifol.magency.de/…/2015/04/ifol-the-manifesto.pdf)

Mini larps are short experiences for a (usually) small number of players without costumes or special knowledge and suitable for larp veterans and newcomers alike You don’t need any experience or any equipment and even if you’re not up to larp, you’ll still be part of a cool social event with great people.

To sign up for the event, head over to our SIGN UP form. You can read on to find some more information about the event.


Gästehaus und Kulturstätte Vierraden (Schwedter Straße 19, 16303 Schwedt/Oder) is around 1.5 hours north of Berlin.
If you come by train to Schwedt (Oder) , we can arrange someone to pick you up from the station or you can walk (around an hour)
The location features a rooms for 1-4 people, many hangout spaces with various levels of coziness, a fully-equipped kitchen to cook in, a large outdoor area, and a lot of spaces for play.


The standard ticket for the event is 120 EUR.
If you’d like to help support the event, you can buy a sponsor ticket, which is 160 EUR. It doesn’t include anything extra beyond a warm fuzzy feeling and gratitude from your fellow larpers.
If you’re on a budget, you can request a subsidised ticket, which is 80 EUR. The number of subsidised tickets available will depend on the number of sponsor tickets sold.
All tickets include accommodation, food, and non-alcoholic beverages.

InYou can also get an outdoor ticket for 80 EUR. You’ll need to bring your own tent but will have your own space outside on the lawn.

Friday Arrival

It is possible to arrive on Friday. You’ll likely miss the first larp spot, and a nice hang out on thursday evening, but you’ll get a discount of 20€.

Cancelation Policy

You may also cancel your tickets for:
100% refund: until August 24th
70% refund: until August 31st
50% refund: until the event begins

Food & Drink

  • All food and (non-alcoholic) drinks are included.
  • If you want alcoholic drinks, please bring them yourself.
  • The whole event is vegetarian. Every meal will at least have a vegan alternative.
  • Let us know about your dietary restrictions and well try to get food for everyone. If we aren’t able or aren’t sure how to best accommodate you, we will be in touch well before the event to talk about how to make sure you’re fed!
  • We (the organizers) will handle buying the food – making it will be everyone’s responsability. If you want to organise one of the meals – let us know!


For a collaborative event like this, it is hard to have a clear schedule – so here are some very rough guidelines:

Thursday: Arrival after 15:00. We’ll be hanging out, making dinner, and probably playing a first larp.

Friday and Saturday: Full days of playing larps, making and eating food, and hanging out.Sunday: Cleaning up and departure before noon.


If you don’t have an idea for a larp to run, here is an extensive list of sources:
https://scenariofestival.se/archive/If you need any help, we also have a Mentor ship program where other participants can support you.


How do I sign up?

Just head over to our SIGN UP form and fill out the information. You’ll receive payment information afterwards.

I have no experience with larping or Mini Larps – can i still come?

Of course, you are very welcome to! Mini Larps are a great way to get a taste for larping. We also offer a Mentorship Program (you can sing up for it when registering) where you get a mentor that can help you with all your questions and support you in helping make the IFOL better.

I do not speak german – can I join?

Yes! While most attendees at previous IFOLs have been German, we love to play with international people (and in fact, this IFOL is entirely organized by international larpers!). Many game materials we use are written in English and we encourage game masters to make every game playable in English. In short: we love you, come join, it will be great!

What is a Mini LARP?

MiniLARPS are role playing scenarios without an audience, where all actions are acted out. Typically, this type of scenario needs neither requisites nor costumes and takes between two and four hours to play. There’s a ton of different concepts, genres and scenarios, which are also known as psychological dramas, chamber games, freeform or oder jeep-Form. They are used in seminars and coaching sessions, in education or are played just for fun. [Source: minilarp.de]

I need special materials for my game – can you get them?

We will have simple seminar materials on site. If you need printouts or specific props for your game, you have to bring them yourself. Please contact us if you have a transport problem – we might be able to help you.

You realize that this is almost Poland? How the f*** do I get there?

  • By car: The adress for the Gästehaus und Kulturstätte Vierraden is Schwedter Straße 19, 16303 Schwedt/Oder, Germany. On site there is plenty of parking space for whatever vehicle you bring. (Although some vehicles might require special permits with the proper Authority, let us know if you plan to fly in with your hover car)
  • By Bus & Train: The closest Railway station is „Schwedt (Oder)“ – from there you can either hike up to the venue (around an hour walk) or ask us to drive you up (around 7 minutes). There will be some participants with cars willing to come pick you up.

What do I need to bring?

  • Your personal luggage
  • A towel
  • All you need for the game you want to offer

You do not need a costume, no buffer weapons, and no NERF ammunition. Of course, you can bring it with you – but it would be more important to wear comfortable, durable clothing and some accessories. One to five stupid hats, for example, never hurt. But are really optional. If you have an other great or weird stuff you want to bring (e.g. board games, musical instruments or juggling balls), please bring them! There’s always space at the ifoL to do things for your own (or other people’s) amusement.

Who are you?

This years Ifol is organised by Mike, Johanna and Kevin. It is organized under the Gamestorm Berlin e.V umbrella.