IFOL 12/2019 Advent Edition (english)

‚it’s full of larps‘ brings you excately what it says: a weekend full of miniLarps, ChamberGames, JeepForm, ScenarioGames…

Mini LARPs are short, but nonetheless intense, surprising, artistic, emotional, hilariously funny, experimental or fear-inducing experiences and ifoL is a self-organized event on which we celebrate the whole spectrum of those experiences.

‚ifol‘ is a self-organsing event – read more about this in the ifol-Manifest you’ll find in the ‚it’s full of larps‘ facebook-group you may want to join. Games are held in english if non-german-speaking players sign up for a game…

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Terms & conditions are here.

You also find the event on Facebook.


There is no divide between organizers and participants. What happens at the ifoL is decided by the people at the ifoL. The initiators only take care of organizing everything that needs to be done before the ifoL can take place. Co-creative: There is no divide between larpwrights and players. Everyone is invited to bring a game or the idea for a game. Everyone gets the space he needs to share their idea.


We don’t do workshops, talks or panels. It’s all explained in the ifoL manifesto.

Where and When

December 5th/ 6th to Sunday, December 8th, 2019

Proitzer Mühle in Schnega : http://www.proitzer-muehle.de

Proitzer Mühle is situated halfway between Uelzen and Salzwedel, or in the centre of the triangle formed by the cities of Hannover, Hamburg and Magdeburg. The closest airports are Hannover, Hamburg, Berlin, and Bremen (all approximately the same distance away)

What do you get

3 to 4 days before christmas in an old renovated water mill surrounded by beautiful nature – just the right thing to escape all the “before-christmas-madness”.

Take a look here: http://www.proitzer-muehle.de or on Facebook.
There is also a sauna we can use during the event for a small amount.


Rooms for 2 up to 5 people, most of the rooms have their own bathroom.
During sign up you can choose which room type you’d like.

Food & Drink:

We will have full catering during the event:
This means: Breakfast which will later be added with warm snacks, cake in the afternoon and warm dinner in the evening.
Vegetarian or vegan is possible. And the kitchen staff cooks fantastic!
Most dietary needs can be accomodated, so please tell us during sign up.
The kitchen staff doesn’t remove the food, so there will be food at all times – even in the night hours, until we remove the things to the fridge or eat them up…
“Price” for this: With an industrial dish-washer we have to do the dishes.

Coffee, tea and water is included at all times.
Other beverages including draft beer and cider can be bought at the mill for a reasonable price.


Room for 2 people:
Thursday to Sunday: 170 EUR
Friday to Sunday: 115 EUR

Room 3 up to 5 people:
Thursday to Sunday: 160 EUR
Friday to Sunday: 110 EUR

includes also heating and usage of the great Ballroom

What do I need to bring?

Towels and clothes.

Bed linen (Pillows, and blankets are there)

Towels & bed Linen you can also borrow for a small amount.

No costume is needed, neither is boffer-weapons or NERF-guns. Of course you are free to bring those anyways and finde someone to have fun with… For ifol you need to bring comfortable clothes and if you wish some accessories, like silly hats and such. If you’re up for walk in the beautiful nature around the house you might also want to bring good shoes and some warmer clothes.