ifoL Berlin - WTF

What is an ifoL?
ifoL is an acronym for “it’s full of LARPs” and it’s an community-organized, cocreative, games-only miniLARP festival. At an ifoL, LARPers come together to play short and intense miniLARPs.

ifoLs are:

community-organized: There is no divide between organizers and particpants. What happens at the ifoL is decided by the people at the ifoL.

cocreative: There is no divide between o larpwrights und players. Everyone is invited to bring a game or the idea for a game. Everyone gets the space he needs to share their idea.

games-only: We don’t do workshops, talks or panels.

It’s all explained in the ifoL manifesto. There have been a number of ifoLs in western Germany, but this is the first ifoL in Berlin. It’s organized by Gamestorm Berlin.

I do not speak German, can I join?
Yes! While most attendees at previous ifols have been German, we would love to play with internationals. Many game materials we use are written in English and we encourage game masters to make every game playable in English. In short: We love you, come join, it will be great!

Great! Where do I sign up?
Hooray! Just click here.

Where and when?
ifoL Berlin will take place from September 15th to 17th, 2017, at the KuBiZ Raoul Wallenberg in Berlin Weißensee. We will start on friday at 10:00 am. Thursday evening we will host a ‘Night in Berlin’. At the ‘Night in Berlin’ we will all play an ‘opening game’ at a top secret location, and ifoL participants will have the opportunity to meet and get to know local larpers. For the night from thursday to friday we will arrange accomodation for you on couches of larpsters in Berlin.

I do not want to write my own miniLarp. Where can I find miniLarps that I can offer?
If you want to offer a game or are not sure yet, just write us a short message . We usually have some games that we’d like to see played and love it if someone volunteers to GM them. On the web, there are a number of sources; We recommend the following pages:

What does the event cost and what do I get for my money?
The participation fee is 90€. We booked the meeting in the KuBiZ (http://tagungswerk.de/). The KuBiZ is a cultural and educational center, a former school building with various ecological and social projects. We will occupy a part of the KuBiZ with 8-bed rooms (bunk beds), a kitchen and seminar rooms. In front of the house there is a wild garden and the Weißensee is only 5 minutes away. We will cook and eat together. We will make enough for all tastes and provide many different snacks.

I need special materials for my game, can you get it?
We will have simple seminar materials on site. If you need printouts or specific props for your game, you have to bring them yourself. Please contact us if you have a transport problem – we might be able to help you.

Where does the event take place and how do I get there?
By car: The conference is on the third floor of the KuBiZ in Bernkasteler Str. 78 in 12088 Berlin. Here is the Google-Maps Link. Parking is free on the street.
By Bus & Train: The meeting is easy to reach by public transport, for example by tram M4 from Berlin Alexanderplatz to Buschallee and a 5-minute walk. Here is the Google-Maps Link.
With the space ship: Wow! Awesome! Please land on the meadow in front of the building and turn on your stealth device.

What do I have to bring?

  • Your personal luggage
  • Bed linen (for pillows and blankets)
  • A towel (beware of the Vogons!)
  • All you need for the game you want to offer

You do not need a costume, no buffer weapons, and no NERF ammunition. Of course, you can bring it with you – but it would be more important to wear comfortable, durable clothing and some accessories. One to five stupid hats, for example, never hurt. But are really optional.

WhoTF is running this?
ifoL, Berlin edition is organized by Kevin Blank, Arne Handt, Thomas Christophel and Gamestorm Berlin. You can contact us at ifol@gamestormberlin.de.